Who Is In Charge – You Or The Dog?

Cute little puppy comes to reside at your place of residence, no problem here.  You are so much bigger than the pup.  But the puppy has a different trend of thought.  He is now in a new pack and if he works it right, it will now be his pack!

Dogs are pack animals and one of them has to be the leader.  They will challenge the leader from time to time to be top dog.  Sort of like people, someone is usually in charge and from time to time they will have the common sense to move over if another person can do it better.  As with all animals there will be challenges until top leader is proven and the others accept the position.

When you have 2 people wanting to be the leader there can be a great deal of conflict.  If a dog is not trained and put in the correct position of the household it will become a huge problem.  If the dog is not able to become a leader of your pack it will take number 2 position, unless there is only you and the dog this could be a big problem.

When I was six years old, the youngest of 5 kids the oldest being 20 at the time.  We all were on a mission to buy my Dad a Golden Cocker Spaniel for Christmas.  The one that was chosen was the absolute worst one to have gotten.  He had bit my sister on the bottom, she thought that was so cute and that is how Sandy came to live with us.  He was never trained and soon he was biting people.  I am not sure what had taken place that fateful day for Sandy, but it ended up being his last.  I know my Dad had to get him out of the house.  He was snarling and out of control grabbing at the broom, my Dad was trying to make him exit the house with.  Sandy was a pretty dog and it was a shame it had to end for him that day.

One summer my mother happened to look after a single lady’s dog while she is was on vacation.  A small dog, I really can’t remember if it was a Pomeranian or a Pekingese.   All I remember it was brown with long hair.  I was probably 12 or 13 at the time.  Dog liked to sit on your lap, which was not a problem until one day I decided to try to put him down as I wanted to get up.  He turned and looked at me with teeth showing and a disapproving growl.  He was close to my face and it was very scary.  I don’t know how we got him off of me, but I did not let him on my lap again.  My mother also never took the dog again.  Maybe she was never asked but that I don’t know for sure.  But the dog was in charge and that is just not acceptable.

With proper training, a dog can be an added plus to a family’s enjoyment.  But an untrained dog can be bad for anyone that he sees is below him.  That could be your spouse, kids, friends and other pets in the household.  Training for dogs should start the day you introduce him to your family.  Plan for this before you bring a dog home, learn how to do it with love and you will be rewarded with a fine pet.

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