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The times are extremely favorable for those cat lovers whose feelings for these animals, to put it bluntly, have fallen on their brains so much that their loyal ones are no longer enough for them. They must surround themselves with cat-like objects and nothing pleases them as much as receiving a gift or buying something “with a cat”.
Store shelves bend with tempting cat gadgets.
I know such people and I visit their homes, where, stroking delightful, purring cats, I fill my eyes with the view of those used for decoration. I hang a coat on the hanger in the form of a clawed cat’s paw. I drink tea from a mug painted in hashing cats and put it back on a napkin with a cat print. Salt the tomato from the cat-shaped salt shaker. I lean my back on a pillow embroidered with cats and contemplate paintings and photos hanging on the walls – with cats, and how. The housewife shows me kitty socks purchased for my granddaughter, and a silver ring glistens on her finger – of course depicting a cat. The set includes earrings and a pendant but puts them only on starting occasions.


I could develop this thread for a long time because I was able to admire the breathtaking collections in terms of both the number of collected goods and the unique ingenuity of using cat motifs. It never occurred to me to ask any of these people if their infection with cats (of course the inanimate) also gives other types of symptoms. I would call it a broad spectrum of impact. I suffer from this ailment – I don’t really surround myself with “cat” or cat designs with objects (I have all the cups in roses!), While every offer offered to me in which the cat has claws, even as a company logo, is irresistible to me.
Smart producers and advertising specialists constantly trap me with traps and traps. And probably not only I get caught in them because I read somewhere that in terms of viewership combined with the recipient’s memorizing the content of advertising, but the leaders are also those with cat actors. In second place are horses, then children, and somewhere else dogs.
This is also a reason to be surprised by the lack of consistency, which I wrote about a month ago in the text “My kitty”. Apparently, the average British is a “cat eater”, so by what right (or maybe miracle) does the cat’s imagination on the screen, which he fights every day, appeals to his imagination? Or maybe these results concerned global research and the UK, as a proportionately small country, failed to understate them?
I will not think about it, because I certainly belong to the group covered by statistics on which advertising with a cat works sensational. Each kit can be pressed with a cat’s paw and I won’t blink. What is the reason why I created an account in a bank with a lion logo? I don’t think anyone suspects me that I made my choice as a result of checking interest rates or comparing the number of fees for keeping an account?
I am attached to a store where I readily buy shoes. Recently, they placed black silhouettes of cats on the windows. Viewed from a greater distance, they look like real cats, inviting you to enter and shop. I do not need to be persuaded, I always liked this store, but now I will be faithful to him to the grave.
Of course, I don’t have to say that I don’t have a car just because I can’t afford a jaguar.

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