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The Joys and Heartache of Being Owned By Cats

Obtaining a cat should be really not big deal.  That is the way it was for the first ten years when having acquired a free beautiful furry white alley cat.  Did not know much about the care of cats, although I had cats in my parent’s home, as a kid you just enjoy them.

With alley cats, they are a pretty hardy bunch.   They can be fed the wrong stuff and still survive.  Very little vet care is needed for most of them.  So acquiring a few more cats is no big deal. Maybe, if you don’t fall for the pure breed cats.  Their needs go up with the cost of the cat, well that is the way it was for me.  Over all the years I have shared my home with cats the most expensive ones were the ones with papers.

Even so, I will still keep acquiring the pure breed Siamese.  Okay they are about as close to having a dog without the barking!  They love to talk and you can carry on a conversation with them for quite some time depending on who wants to quit talking first.  They love to fetch and will bring the toy back to you, if they choose to do so.  They are always on their own terms for the game.  They always like to know what you are doing and if we happen to be talking or on the phone, they will be there.  Can be annoying like little children at times, but for the most part they are very devoted.

But break my heart, ah yes, many a time.  Many hours we have sat in the vet’s office worrying about what she was going to tell us.  A chronic nasal infection that eventually after loads of medication and many appointments, ended in major surgery.  She had blood transfusions and her blood would never clot and she died.  We were totally smitten with that cat from the day we seen her.  It has been 20 years and I still get overwhelmed with tears when I think about her.  (Samantha)

Holly (blue point Siamese)

Then there was a kitten born with a burst hernia.  Was not expected to live and yet survived against the prognosis.  But it was a rocky road for her.  Had surgery at 4 months to repair the damage and the vet was shocked to find the intestinal damage when she opened up her abdomen.  She survived for almost another two years without any problems.  One day she got violently ill.  Her previous surgery caused a lot of scar tissue and now it was causing severe problems.  With surgery again and oxygen she survived that episode but her health was now on a spiral downwards.  She had acquired asthma and we were back and forth to the vet’s to finally find the correct medicine dosage for her.  Then it got real bad about 4 months before her seventh birthday.  Went to a specialist and was in the process of treatment, but I found her dead on the floor one morning. She died the day before her birthday. (Holly)

Minnie with spider toy (blue point Siamese)

Another cat was sick one morning and took her to the vet and was found to have kidney failure.  Morning and night it was back and forth to the vet and emergency care for the next four days.  She never survived to come home. (Minnie)


Okay I still have Siamese and delighted to say I have had no problems with the two I have for the past four years.  Sure hope this trend keeps up.

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