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Retinal Degeneration – Blindness

Retinal degeneration and eventual blindness.

Last month I wrote about Maggie our cat that had just recently been diagnosed with retinal degeneration.  She has had days that have been quite sad.  I feel sorry for her little nose as she bangs into furniture and doorways.

There are days when she has become adjusted and manoeuvres around nicely.  You can tell when the loss becomes worse, those are the days when she gets up in the morning and seems very disoriented and starts back bumping her nose into furniture.  Maybe I need to attach bubble wrap to all the hard corners!

But animals can become quite resourceful if they need to be.  We have noticed just recently she has been slowing down and following along close to things.  She is now using her whiskers for what they were meant to be used for.  The feeling of touch, a sensor for the darkness and the ability to get into spaces where their body could fit.  So instead of like we would do, putting our hand out to feel our way around, she is using her whiskers.  She has used her paws for some of her knowledge as to where things are at.

Maggie - Lilac Point SiameseShe has become a lot more clingy, she wants to sit on our laps or climb up in our arms to be held.  That is fine for awhile, but you can’t get anything done if you are constantly holding a cat.

It was comical the other day. My husband has a computer in one room and I have one in another room. Well, Maggie seeks out him first and when she has overstayed her welcome he sets her down. Of course, her next approach is to come and bother me.  I had gone away from my desk and had gotten a cup of coffee and was sitting on the end of the sofa.  She had gone to the door of my room and looked in and then looked at the direction of where I was sitting.  I didn’t make a sound.  She looked back and forth about four times and then finally decided to go in the room and find me.  So I got up and watched as she put her foot out to try and find me on the chair.  Okay maybe not a nice trick, but it was cute and now we do know her vision is really pretty much gone.

I think she may actually be able to see more motion when it gets darker and I guess that makes sense since they are nocturnal animals.  “Nocturnal” that have adjusted to our way of living during the day as they do sleep pretty good at night.

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