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A Guide to Dog Tapeworm

Dog tapeworm is a common parasitical infection that, while easy to treat, can cause your dog much discomfort and lead to a weakened immune system and even to anemia. There are several types of tapeworms, and some are contagious to humans and cats, as well as other animals such as cattle. Here’s what you should know […]


3 Treatment Options for Feline Kidney Disease

Kidneys have a vital role in the life of cats. More frequent in older cats, the feline kidney disease may affect younger cats with a diet based mainly on dry foods. The cat kidney disease may also be a genetic condition. The cat renal disease cannot be treated but can be manageable to delay kidney failure. 1. […]

cat whiskers in the dark
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Cat Whiskers Functions

Ever wondered what are the cat whiskers for? It turns out that the whiskers help them to orient themselves in the space around them, especially in the dark. For cats, they are very important and the main organ of contact.  Home cats are active mostly at night. Therefore the whiskers are obviously helping them to […]